A garden can be a magical wonderland for children. If you want them to get more fresh air and exercise and get them away from those screens, you need a safe, inviting outdoor space they can’t resist.

If you’re lucky enough to have lots of room, there are some brilliant features we can include for little ones, from tree houses, woodland gardens and living willow tunnels, to some more unusual things that you might not think of yourself! Even if you have a smaller plot, there are loads of ways of making it attractive and getting little ones interested in the natural world, all its creatures and things that grow.

If you’d like to encourage wildlife such as birds, bees and butterflies into your garden, we have lots of ways of enticing these and other fascinating creatures to bring your garden to life and ensure a healthy, balanced system without the need for chemical garden products.

We are often asked to design family gardens and love coming up with creative ideas that will make the most of whatever space you have. We always have an eye on the changing needs of families and like to make sure that your design allows you different options in the future, as your children grow and your family’s needs evolve.

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