Garden Plans



Your Garden Plans are made to measure – based on measurements and photographs of your unique site.

  • Designed to suit you – your practical needs like storage and seating, and your personal likes and dislikes in terms of shapes, colours, materials and plants.
  • Drawn up with your budget in mind, using creative solutions to get the look you want at a cost you can afford.
  • Suitable for implementing in stages, if that suits your budget better.
  • Useful for calculating quantities and costs of materials, since plans are drawn to scale.
  • Useful for getting accurate quotes from contractors, as materials and labour costs can be estimated from the scale drawings.
  • A good way to prevent expensive mistakes. By starting your garden project with a well designed plan, every part of the garden is developed to its full potential and every feature is in the most suitable place.
  • Designed with your maintenance requirements in mind.  You might need a low – maintenance garden that looks good all year round, or you might enjoy gardening and want to be more involved –your new garden design reflects how much time you are able and willing to spend on keeping it looking great.

Your Planting Plans are:
  • Designed to fit your existing garden or as part of a new design – the choice is yours.
  • Carefully planned to give you the look and atmosphere you want from your planting .  Perennials, bulbs, shrubs and ornamental grasses are selected and combined for best effect to give you a stunning display over many seasons.
  • Researched thoroughly to ensure they work well together in your particular garden’s location, taking into account your soil, climate and aspect .
  • Easy to follow, colour coded and complete with botanical names, so you can locate the plants you need in the right numbers and place them easily.


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